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Ultimate Change Coach: Blog: The Perception of Perfection

The Perception of Perfection

January 17, 2019

It seems straightforward enough. The concept that by changing your perception everything in your world changes exponentially. A simple movement from one side of the room to the other for example can have a profound effect on your analysis of any incident. A person who requires glasses to read or drive will have a different observations point than one who doesn't need glasses. Perception is the key to everything in ones'daily life. How a person sees that which is surrounding them is crucial in determining how your life unfolds. Is there such a thing as Perfection for example? Do you expect Perfection in your mate and will you ever really get it? Is the real truth that one persons perfection is another ones nightmare. Is there really any such thing as perfection or is it merely the Perception of Perfection?

Let's look at the notion of perfection. That incredible hunk who stands before you muscles bulging and sweat poring from every crease was once married to a wonderful woman who happens to think this hunk is a jerk. So that is her perception and it is far from perfection. What you see may not really be what you are getting. Just remember that one persons passion is quite possibly another persons poison.

So here you are searching for that one special person to spend the rest of your life with and suddenly at the cocktail party of life there he is, a Brad Pitt wall ornament latched onto a barely lit corner. You spot each other and ooze towards the middle of the room where everyone can see you and this hunky look alike. He is paying special attention to you and in your slightly slanted perception you make this have great importance. It probably doesn't and is just one of the effects of a one sided and skewed perception. Remember there are two people here involved in this somewhat awkward encounter and both of you have your own vision about what is going on.

It would be prudent for you Warrior woman that you are to challenge yourself to see things differently in these types of situations. Try pretending that this Brad Pitt wall ornament is merely an actor vying for a part in your latest play. He will do or say anything to get that part and so you have permission to just sit back and enjoy the audition. Now you have a clearer perception and can watch the person from every angle dissecting the event in a more analytical way. This not only protects your emotions but it makes the event more carefree and lighthearted. Now you don’t have to sit by the phone waiting for Mr. Who Knows Who to call you which generally doesn’t happen. Now you can just enjoy the evening for what it is, a play for your benefit. If something wonderful comes from this then so be it but if not you have just dodged an Emotional Hangover…so lucky you!

Life is meant to be enjoyed, savored, relished and each occasion, each moment is special unto itself. Every experience good or bad is a learning one and should be regarded in that way. You and you alone can protect yourself from the emotional roller coaster that your perceptions can create. March into the world each day without expectations, but expect only the best.


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