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Coaching To Change Your Life

Imagine, you can have Georgene as your very own Personal Life Coach available to advise you on personal and business issues and challenges. As a Member you can contact her and Just Ask! Or Georgene is available for Private VIP Coaching for a program to suit your needs.

Imagine what your life would be like if you could rid yourself of the behavior patterns that are creating chaos in your life. Imagine if you could personally discuss your relationship challenges with Georgene and her team.

With you in mind Georgene has created a number of special Programs so that you can benefit from her vast experiences and have the life you have always wanted.

Certifed Strategic Intervention Change Coach and Marriage and Relationship Coach Georgene has put together some amazing programs, Seminars and Boot Camps along with her Women's Community the Relationship Success Club™ and Private Mentoring and Coaching for your benefit. This is an investment for your future happiness!

A Testimonial

"At the onset of the worst emotional crisis of my adult life, I was blessed with the chance to do coaching with Georgene. I was dazed and wounded and still not accepting the truth about what had happened. Yet with a few sharp witty exercises in the loving, yet serious tone of a true mentor, Georgene snapped me out of my fog and set me back on my feet at the beginning of the road to recovery. I may have waffled in my pain indefinitely if it hadn't been for her. She had a tacit understanding of exactly what I needed even before I did."
—Melanie M. N.Y.

The Best Way to get started on the road to CHANGE

This remarkable program was created to provide ongoing support for singles, divorced men and women looking to find and keep a healthy, happy love in their lives and for couples who want to maintain that passion and intimacy.

If you are ready to make a small investment in your future than this entry level Online Community A World 4 Women The Club™ is a perfect fit for you at ONLY $5.99 a month! Incredible but true! But now you can get your first month for ONLY $1.00! This is like having your own Personal Life Change Coach as Georgene answers your questions and helps you get over those challenges, find love, change limiting behaviors, overcome your fears, alter the rules that have dictated your decisions and pathways and more.

A World 4 Women The Club™ members are part of an elite Community and have full access to a literal library of information for women. This includes incredible articles by Georgene and other experts; makeup, hair, restaurants, foodies, travel, design and interiors; facial and body enhancement; restaurants; hot books; The Artist Loft; health & beauty; and so much more. Learn Pilates4Life with step by step exercises; Yoga positions; get Postive sayings to take you through your week; This is priceless access for pennies a month! Members also receive discounts on Books, Audio materials, Seminars and Boot Camps and Private VIP Coaching if you feel you need special personal time with Georgene. Special Bonus for Members: Put your best foot forward Online with The Perfect Profile Custom written by Georgene and her team at an incredible discount! Start now on the road to finding and keeping the love you have always wanted. Join Now!

This is an incredible way to tap into the expert advice of a Recognized Authority in the area of Dating and Relationships at an affordable price.

Get started now…

Tell your friends and have them hang out with you. Start now for ONLY $1.00 for the first 30 days! Then it's ONLY $5.99 a month! Pennies a day!


MeetUp Members Special Promotions See Relationship Success Store To Receive Your Discounts... Your World, Your Way!

Members of Special Meet Up Groups get EXTRA discounts...

Transformation, A Testimonial

“All of the wasted money for years of psychotherapy did nothing compared to the results I have just experienced with Georgene Summers who is the Ultimate Life Coach.”
E.C. (Los Angeles, CA)


The Key to Online Dating is your Profile! That is your online calling card and your first impression.

Would you handwrite your business cards and then go to an important meeting? Of course not! But most singles write their own Profiles and then wonder why they are not getting the reaction that they desire from the people they want.

Now get your Profile Professionally written by one Georgene’s Relationship Experts.

This investment will ensure that your profile stands out and draws in the quality men and women you want in your life.

Start Now… You Can Have the Life and Love that you Want!



“Seven weeks ago I started to work with Georgene Summers on getting my life back on track. At that time I was scattered, didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life and made no sense at all on the phone to my friends. I was garbled and unclear in thinking and speaking. After going through stage by stage working with Georgene I can certainly see the difference in everything I do…after only 7 weeks, one hour each week, I am confident, clear, focused and not a “yes person” anymore who allows people to walk all over me. …..the shackles are off and I absolutely love what I have become! Georgene is amazing with her insight and knowledge of people and she can see the pain in ones life, knows how to go after it and make it go away.”
J.K. (New York)

Georgene is available for limited Private VIP Sessions for those who wish to have individual attention. Private Coaching comes with a Risk Free Guarantee! In order to make changes you need to feel confident and comfortable with Georgene's abilities to take you from where you are to where you want to be in your life. The first session is an in depth information and background sharing one and if at the end of this session you are not 100% committed to moving forward, just say so and 100% of your investment will be refunded. Private Coaching is available via telephone or in person at your office or Georgene’s office in Connecticut.