LIVE Seminars & Boot Camps

One Day That Will Change Your Life Forever!

Join Georgene at an Upcoming LIVE Program

Georgene is planning some fantastic LIVE Seminars and Boot Camps around the country so stay tuned for more details!

If you really want Results then plan to attend one of these amazing Events:

A One Day Seminar: During this incredible full day you will learn:

  • How to break old and destructive patterns that are destroying your relationships.
  • How to Find Love and Keep It while keeping YOU intact.
  • You will learn about Deal Breakers and how to spot them so that you don’t end up with an Emotional Hangover!
  • How to Leave without the Drama!
  • The Hows, Whys and Whens of Abusive Relationships!
  • Learn about your Rules and how you can Change them to make your life work better than ever before!
And Much More!

This is a day filled with incredible tools and valuable information that will change how you see yourself, how you interact with family and friends and how you can make any relationship that you have better, richer, fuller and more exciting than ever before!

This One Day Will Change Your Life Forever!
Watch Here For More Details On This Life-Changing Event and Sign Up For It Quickly As It Is Sure To Sell Out!

For Couples Who Want A Little Lift In Their Lives!

A One Day Program for Couples looking to strengthen the bonds of their relationship and make it Healthier and Happier than ever before.

In this miraculous program Georgene will work with a Limited Group of Couples to help Create Everlasting Love and Rekindle the Intimacy between them.

This program consists of Five Areas:
  • Everlasting Love In Your Relationship
  • How Important Trust, Respect and Being Present Is In Your Relationship
  • Connection and It's Power; Intimacy With Your Lover
  • The Power Of Staying United In Your Relationship
  • Love and Compassion… Requirements For a Healthy Relationship

Invest in your relationship and your future happiness by learning how to strengthen and fortify your loving togetherness!

A must for all couples! Learn valuable tools to enhance your Love, Intimacy, Respect and Trust and to fortify your Commitment to Each Other.

Learn The Secrets To a Happy and Healthy Relationship From Certified Marriage & Relationship Coach Georgene Summers

A One Day Seminar for newly single people aimed at dealing with recovering after the loss of a loved one from divorce or breakup: During this incredible full day you will learn:

  • How to process the emotions that are limiting your recovery.
  • How to regain your incredible sense of self and move to new personal heights
  • How to begin dating again successfully and avoid the dreaded Emotional Hangover!
  • How to learn to trust again
  • How to be alone without being lonely and so much more!

  • You find yourself alone after a lengthy marriage or relationship and you don't know what to do. You feel lost and lonely and your self-esteem has taken a huge hit. You are wondering where your life is going to end up and how you can go on without this person. Help is on the way with Georgene's incredible one day Seminar, Suddenly Single: Heartbreak to Healing. This single day will lift you up, provide you with amazing tools for recovery and open up the door to a new and beautiful life for you.


    This INTENSIVE BOOT CAMP transports you from where you are in your personal relationship with yourself to where you want to be in a Loving and Happy and Healthy Relationship With a Partner.

    This one BOOT CAMP is all you will ever need to change your life and to remove the BLINDERS so that you can have a Relationship That Really Works!!

    • Learn how to find love and keep it
    • Stop repeating old patterns
    • Recognizing Deal Breakers quickly
    • Remove Fear from your Life Once and for all
    • Break Destructive Patterns
    • Take the mystery out of Online Dating
    • Dating for a Successful Relationship
    • What are the 6 Basic Human Needs
    • What do you do to get them met that causes chaos and how to fix it
    • Change the behaviors that destroy your relationships
    • What Rules are Ruining your Relationships
    • Money vs Love…what’s on your wish list
    • and more…