Blind Spots: The Boot Camp

Boot Camp: Blind Spots: The Boot Camp

Blind Spots: The Boot Camp

Blind Spots: The Boot Camp

2 1/2 Days That Will Change Your Life!~


This INTENSIVE BOOT CAMP transports you from where you are in your personal relationship with yourself to where you want to be in a LOVING AND HAPPY AND HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP WITH A PARTNER.

This one BOOT CAMP is all you will ever need to change your life and to remove the BLINDERS so that you can have a RELATIONSHIP THAT REALLY WORKS!

•Learn how to find love and keep it
•Stop repeating old patterns
•Recognizing Deal Breakers quickly
•Remove Fear from your Life Once and for all
•Break Destructive Patterns
•Take the mystery out of Online Dating
•Dating for a Successful Relationship
•What are the 6 Basic Human Needs
•What do you do to get them met that causes chaos and how to fix it
•Change the behaviors that destroy your relationships
•What Rules are Ruining your Relationships
•Money vs Love…what’s on your wish list
•and more…

This amazing Boot Camp will start on Friday night with a Cocktail Party and Special Introduction to our renowned Speakers! We will continue all day Saturday and Sunday giving you tools and incredible information to change your life forever!

The best investment you can make in YOU! Blind Spots: The Boot Camp!